Youyang Media takes the original animation IP as the core and gives full play to media resources.Early collaboration products, intelligent hardware, e-commerce and other open entertainment industry chains,Create a pan-entertainment ecosystem with premium IP to enhance the value and vitality of content.
Committed to building China's largest quality children's video copyright library.
Xiaoyou Youqu App is a safe, preferred animation and video broadcast platform specially designed for children's enlightenment education. It aims at the growth stage characteristics of preschool children, and selects domestic and international fine animations. Yule's form guides children correctly, and provides children with different enlightenment directions in English, art, mathematics, emotional intelligence, social, etc., to create a green, safe, healthy and happy growth environment to help children grow better.
EQ enlightenment
Natural science
Artistic enlightenment
English enlightenment
Solve the problem
Solve the problem
Product design, research and development, production, marketing and online sales and operations based on our own brand “Ubbie”. The current online sales channels cover comprehensive platforms, both the industry vertical e-commerce platforms, and self-media content e-commerce platforms, including Tmall, JDcom, Amazon, Vipshop, Suning E-commerce, and Maternal & Child Wechat official account Illustrations: Product IP, Productization, Supply Chain, Marketing, Online Operations.
palyUyungMost popularcartoon, 《P. King Duckling》
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